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i'm the best.
and I go to the best school ever, which is in the best city. and I've got the best hometown. and I know the best people.

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Tragically salty about all these couples enjoying Milan together. #gorgeous #amore  (at Milano Naviglio Grande)
Meanwhile in Milan.. #Milano #Italia #brb (at Arco della pace)
Meep. 😍 (at Home)
Basically the black Cory and Topanga.
Deeng. TU for four person parties.

Selfie for life long friendship  (at Shahrazad)
My little sister defaces walls with self portraits. She’s a criminal. Also I took this with a #wideangle lens @terr_it_up bought me. 😍  (at My Parents’ House)
Just got my 2013 Coachella photos developed and I’m dying of nostalgia. Best coachella ever with my 7th semester friend. #tbt to flowers in our hair, watermelon in our hands, and music in our hearts 💛💙💜💚❤️ ~~cheesy~~

Natalie said her favorite scene in Rebel Without a Cause was one she shared with James Dean that was cut from the film.

“It was in the car. I was waiting for him and he comes up and we talk to each other. There was a section of the scene where I imply that I’ve sort of been around, that I’m not really pure.
I say to him, ‘Do you think that’s bad?’ And he says ‘No, I just think it’s lonely. It’s the loneliest time.’
I thought it was a wonderful line—right on the cutting room floor.”